Your Family’s Wellbeing Deserves More

You shouldn’t have to wait for a GP appointment. With GP On Demand, you don’t have to.

Access to a UK Doctor, all day every day

For all of us, having to call our local surgery and speak to a member of staff to arrange an appointment, is just not fast enough and can mean a lengthy delay to see your doctor. Average waiting times in the UK are growing and is generally over two weeks before you will have an appointment.

A full package of benefits – all included as standard

GP on Demand is specifically designed to give you peace of mind with GMC and CQC approved GPs in the UK, ready to speak to you 24/7.

24-Hour GP Access

Access to UK based NHS practising GP’s 24 hours of every day

Family Cover Included

Every family member living with you in your household is covered within your membership*

Unlimited Usage

You can call for any reason, advice, a second opinion, consultation – any reason that you’d speak to your own GP if you could

Prescription Service

Prescription delivery service to your home, workplace, relatives home or any other location in the UK

What does GP on Demand Offer You?



24 hours a day, 7 days a week support


Telephone and video consultancy with a GP


Prescription delivery service to your home, workplace, relatives home or any other location in the UK


All doctors are based in UK and are dedicated to our service – they aren’t on call elsewhere

All GP’s are fully qualified UK based Doctors

The modern distribution of a very old idea

Our simple and highly effective plan gives you and your family access to speak to a UK based and UK registered GP, 24 hours per day 7 days per week, wherever you are, at home, or even if you are travelling or on holiday.

Calls are unlimited so you can call as often as you need, no need to worry. The service covers you as the member as well as your entire household. So your kids or parents are covered too if they live in the same property as you.

The GP can even arrange a prescription for you and have this sent to your home or office or wherever is most convenient for you.

You have the option of a Telephone based appointment to discuss your needs, or you can arrange a Video call appointment if you wish to see the doctor you are speaking with This GP service is used by over 4.0 million users across the UK.

The service is operated by hundreds of UK GP’s who provide a dedicated full time service to help members.

Why Do 4.0m People Use The Service?

Quick. Easy. Convenient.

Users enjoy the convenience of using GP On Demand at a time that suits THEIR schedule and lifestyle.

GP On Demand means peace of mind is found at the end of a telephone.

What Our Other Members Say

“I’d come back from travelling in the Caribbean and had a nasty insect bite on my arm and I wanted to get an opinion on what to do about it. I used the video service to show the doctor my bite and he advised me on a topical cream I could use to help it heal. It was so much easier to be able to talk to someone about it and made me feel reassured.”

Mrs Janet Laine, 68

“I had been suffering from a sore throat and swollen glands, and wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t get any worse, so I rang the GP advice line. After a short 10 minute video consultation to show the doctor my glands, he advised me on self-treatment, and guidance on when to see a GP if my symptoms did not improve.”

Mr Tom Weiler, 25

“I’d been having trouble sleeping for weeks and I was becoming exhausted with low energy. The GP was able to diagnose me with acute stress and was very helpful in giving me recommendations as to how to manage situations more effectively. It felt really reassuring to be able to talk to a doctor about this and made me feel at ease. I rang the advice line two more times – they have been an excellent support for me.”

Mrs Jessica Ely, 39

“After a few days of uncomfortable pain with constipation, I called the GP advice line. The Doctor was very reassuring and supportive – he made me feel at ease. He explained some simple dietary changes I could make as well as advising me that my painkillers for mild arthritis would also contribute to constipation. I’m glad I was able to have a Doctor to talk through my worries with.”

Mrs Pauline Bertle, 74

“I had returned from working abroad and had a fever for a couple of days. I wanted to ring the GP Advice line to make sure it was nothing to worry about. After a 20 minute consultation the GP told me I could be suffering from a viral condition, but referred me to my own GP for further investigation. I’m glad I contacted the service as I was able to receive treatment for the virus within the next few days.”

Mr Ronal Dunn, 52

How does the GP Service work?

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Call Our GP Number

You can then dial our GP telephone number, which is answered 24/7 by a team of trained operators.

Operator Books a Consultation

A specially trained operator verifies the caller and books an appointment with a doctor on the rota. You can select a Telephone Consultation or a Video consultation

Doctor Calls You Back

The doctor calls the patient back within 15 minutes of the appointed time – service standards are monitored and achieved.

Telephone consultations last around 10 minutes but can be as long as necessary.

All calls are recorded providing accurate auditing.

4.0m UK users currently have access to this GP service, established in 1998.

Available to English speaking subscribers across Europe and beyond.



24/7 Access


Unlimited Calls


Unlimited Call Duration


Your Family Is Covered*

Giving you the peace of mind and certainty of knowing that you can talk to a UK GP

(* A family household can benefit from the GP service, with the same family living in the same household, all under one roof enjoying the benefits. Children cannot call the service themselves, however a parent or guardian can call on their behalf.)

Important Information

Our service is not intended to provide wellbeing or medical emergency assistance or to replace your own public or private health provision.

If you have a serious wellbeing or medical emergency, call emergency services in your own country location immediately, for example 999 UK, 911 North America, 112 Europe.

 All calls with our Doctor service are recorded providing accurate auditing. All telephone calls and visual images are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

All calls with our Wellbeing service are recorded providing accurate auditing. All telephone calls are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

GP Services International Limited is a Company registered in England, company number 12401924 and trading at 7 Bell Yard London WC2A 2JR, operating under licence from GP On Demand Ltd, which is a Company registered in Scotland SC573966 and is a licensed distributor of BHSF Ltd. GP Services International Limited is not the supplier of Clinical or Counselling / Wellbeing services, rather those Clinical services are provided via BHSF Ltd and HealthHero Solutions Ltd