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Who we are and how we can help you

GP On Demand – works exclusively with BHSF Ltd to source specialist benefit products and services for their users and members. We provide a direct to market distribution process, where retail users are able to access these specialist services. We are your membership and payment point of contact.

BHSF Ltd – established as a specialist benefits group since 1873, BHSF has over 1 million users. BHSF provide an exclusive corporate relationship to a specialist GP service provider to provide a bulk delivery of their GP 24/7 consultation service to their distribution Partners and their users. BHSF supply this access to GP On Demand. BHSF are our Corporate Product interaction point.

The specialist GP service provider has over 4.0million users. They provide access to their services by contract to BHSF Ltd. Established since 1998. ISO, CQC, GMC accredited. The GP Specialists are the provider of the Personal GP service direct to our individual users / members.

The service – 24/7 GP Consultation Services

Our supplier is the UK’s most experienced provider of quality 24 hour, 7 days a week private GP telephone consultation services by experienced practicing GP. Their large team of GPs allows unlimited, convenient telephone consultations, accessed via trained dedicated operators in conjunction with specialist software and appropriate medical protocols. 70% of the consultations result in an effective diagnosis, meaning no further medical contact is needed.

The service provides the patient with reassurance and advice about treatment.

The service has been delivered to a high standard since its inception in 1998, with exceptionally high customer satisfaction results and minimal customer complaints. The customer satisfaction surveys conducted by our clients show the satisfaction levels to be consistently in the 95% – 98% range over the term and valued by more than 3.6million users.

The telephone consultations conducted by qualified GPs cover the full range of subjects seen in general practice and include advice on chronic disease management, minor illness, acute presentation of serious clinical conditions and general questions about prescriptions, travel and lifestyle. The practicing GP is the accepted authority on healthcare and is uniquely qualified and insured to provide diagnosis and advice.

Why not download our GP 24/7 brochure to find out more about how our service can help your audience?

Our service is not intended to provide medical emergency assistance or to replace your NHS GP service.

If you have a serious medical emergency, call 999 immediately.


All GP calls are recorded providing accurate auditing.
All telephone calls and visual images are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

GP on Demand is a Company registered in Scotland, SC573966.
Springfield House Laurel Hill Business Park Stirling FK7 9JQ

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