Our GP Service

Registered UK Doctors Ready to Help 24hours, 7 days per week

How do I initially access the GP service?

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Apply Online For Membership

You simply apply for membership here on this site, fill in brief personal details and complete a secure card payment and you are signed up.

Call Our GP Number

You can then dial our GP telephone number, which is answered 24/7 by a team of trained operators.

Operator Books a Consultation

A specially trained operator verifies the caller and books an appointment with a doctor on the rota. You can select a Telephone Consultation or a Video consultation

Doctor Calls You Back

The doctor calls the patient back within 15 minutes of the appointed time – service standards are monitored and achieved.

Telephone consultations last around 10 minutes but can be as long as necessary.

All calls are recorded providing accurate auditing.

What can the GP do?

The modern distribution of a very old idea

The large team of GP’s allows unlimited, convenient telephone consultations, accessed via trained dedicated operators in conjunction with specialist software and appropriate medical protocols.

70% of the consultations result in an effective diagnosis, meaning no further medical contact is needed

The service provides the patient with reassurance and advice about treatment.

The service has been delivered to a high standard since its inception in 1998, with exceptionally high customer satisfaction results and minimal customer complaints. The customer satisfaction surveys conducted by our clients show the satisfaction levels to be consistently in the 95% – 98% range over the term.

The telephone consultations conducted by GP’s cover the full range of subjects seen in general practice and include advice on chronic disease management, minor illness, acute presentation of serious clinical conditions and general questions about prescriptions, travel and lifestyle. The practicing GP is the accepted authority on healthcare and is uniquely qualified and insured to provide diagnosis and advice.

A full package of benefits – all included as standard

Complete Peace of Mind, With Clinical Guardian Audited and Care Quality Commission Rated GPs in the UK, Ready to Speak to You 24/7

24 Hour GP Access

Access to UK based NHS practising GP’s 24 hours of every day

Family Cover Included

Every family member living with you in your household is covered within your membership*

Unlimited Usage

You can call for any reason, advice, a second opinion, consultation – any reason that you’d speak to your own GP if you could

Prescription Service

Prescription delivery service to your home, workplace, relatives home or any other location in the UK

Who answers the phone?

A specially trained operator will answer your call. The operator will take some details from you and arrange for a GP to call you back at a convenient time.

The dedicated GP service provider is the most experienced provider of quality 24 hour, 7 days a week private GP telephone consultation services by experienced practicing GP’s.

Should the doctor think it advisable, and subject to your agreement, they will send a record of your consultation to your own GP in order to keep him/her informed



See also more detail on our Prescriptions page.

Should a doctor wish to raise a prescription following a consultation, they can select the Prescription option within the patient management software. Each registered doctor has their own unique username and password to log in and follows the process to raise and authorise the prescription.

Should a patient have had a previous prescription raised by another doctor, this will show on the system so the doctor can ensure it is appropriate to raise a second prescription. The process requires the doctor to raise the prescription then make a second check before authorising it with a digital signature.

Once submitted, the prescription is received by the dispensing company, Pharmacy2U for checking, processing and dispatch.

Prescriptions can be raised for one-off occasions such as prescription-only painkillers/anti- inflammatory drugs, digestive medication, NHS prescription medication where the patient is away from home and has forgotten/has insufficient prescription medication, antibiotics, and hormonal medication e.g. temporary management of menstrual cycle. Prescriptions cannot be issued for controlled drugs.

4.0m UK users currently have access to this GP service, established in 1998.

Now we’re making it available to English speaking subscribers across Europe and beyond.


24/7 GP Access


24/7 Wellbeing Services Access


Unlimited Calls


Unlimited Call Duration


Your Family Is Covered*

For the peace of mind and certainty of knowing that you can talk to a UK GP,

register and subscribe now!

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Important Information

Our service is not intended to provide wellbeing or medical emergency assistance or to replace your own public or private health provision.

If you have a serious wellbeing or medical emergency, call emergency services in your own country location immediately, for example 999 UK, 911 North America, 112 Europe.

 All calls with our Doctor service are recorded providing accurate auditing. All telephone calls and visual images are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

All calls with our Wellbeing service are recorded providing accurate auditing. All telephone calls are recorded for customer service and monitoring purposes.

GP Services International Limited is a Company registered in England, company number 12401924 and trading at 7 Bell Yard London WC2A 2JR, operating under licence from GP On Demand Ltd, which is a Company registered in Scotland SC573966 and is a licensed distributor of BHSF Ltd. GP Services International Limited is not the supplier of Clinical or Counselling / Wellbeing services, rather those Clinical services are provided via BHSF Ltd and HealthHero Solutions Ltd