GP On Demand Pricing

GP On Demand Pricing

We are very different to ANY OTHER service that offers Telephone and video based GP services. Our plan includes everything you need at no extra cost and peace of mind 24/7:

Here is exactly why: All of our plans include the following:


All of your family are covered

In our fixed price plans – the price we quote below is fixed and includes your entire household who live with you, no matter how many people that may be


24 hour service, 365 days a year

Our service is available 24 hours of every day 365 days a year


Unlimited number of calls

There is no additional charge for calling more often


Unlimited call duration

There is no additional charges for calls no matter how long they take


Concessionary discounts

We offer concessionary discounts to specific users, such as Parents, Seniors and Students


Discounted Rates

We offer discounted rates if you choose to pay annually

Family Cover

We have a range of options of how you might want to pay for and access our service. You simply choose the plan that you want.

You can either pay monthly to keep costs low and consistent, or annually if you want a bigger discount and the ease of having cover in place all year.

Or you can select our 7 days plan, which might be ideal if you were taking a holiday or family trip for a short period

Family Cover Monthly

£9.95 per month

Family Cover Annual

£99.50 per annum

Family Cover 7 Days

£39.95 one-off

Discounted Family Cover

If you are a parent of a child 14 or younger, a UK based Student or a UK based senior 65 or older, we are able to offer the following discounted rates for you:

Family Cover Monthly

£6.95 per month

Family Cover Annual

£69.50 per annum

4.0m UK users currently have access to this GP service, established in 1998.


24/7 Access to a GP


Immediate Service With a UK Telephone Number


Unlimited Calls


Prescription Delivery Service


Access For Your Entire Household


24/7 Wellbeing and Counselling Services

For the peace of mind and certainty of knowing that you can talk to a UK GP and Wellbeing services, whenever required 24/7, register and subscribe now!

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Regulation Info

The Professional GP services provider, who provide the GP services

Medical Solutions Ltd is the provider of these GP services and is the largest direct GP service provider of it’s kind in the UK, established for over 20 years and with in excess of 4.0m users. Their data controls and systems are ISO27001 accredited.

GP / Prescription services are Clinical Guardian audited, and are also assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Counselling / Wellbeing services

BHSF Ltd are the supplier of Counselling and wellbeing services. All Counsellors are professionally qualified and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

BHSF’s team of directly engaged counsellors answer all calls. All counsellors are:

1. Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
2. Have a minimum of three years post qualification counselling experience
3. Are qualified to at least Diploma level in counselling
4. Abide by the BACP code of ethics